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Searching the Registers

Copy Deeds and Title Deeds

Fees and Charges

Scotland's House Prices

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If you cannot find the information you require please call our Customer Services on 0845 607 0161.

Searching the Registers

Use our Electronic Search Request form to search for property details. This form has been created for use by people who require searches but not on an everyday basis.

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Copy Deeds

Find details of the Copy Deeds that are available from RoS. This includes fees that are charged for this service.

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Fees and Charges

Find details of Information Fees for searches in the Land Register and the Sasine Register.

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Scotland's House Prices

By using our free online service you can obtain the latest selling prices of properties on your screen immediately.

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Our Business Development section uses Information Technology to improve accessibility of land and property information throughout Scotland.

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