Registering a Title Deed

Requirements for Registration

You may present an application for registration at either the Edinburgh or Glasgow Customer Services Centre.  Application for registration of a deed in the Register of Deeds, Register of Judgements or Register of Inhibitions can only be made at the Edinburgh Customer Service Centre.  A fee of £15 plus VAT will be charged (in addition to the registration fee) per Land Register or Sasine Register application personally presented at a Customer Service Centre.

In Scotland all title to Land and Property is held in public registers.  While it is not compulsory for a deed relating to property to be submitted by a solicitor, we would advise that you consult a solicitor about any transaction you are undertaking.

Registers of Scotland Customer Service Centre can answer general questions about forms or fees but cannot assist you to complete the application forms. Please note that we cannot provide you with legal advice in terms of conducting your transaction or drawing up the relevant legal documents, as this falls outwith the scope and role of Registers of Scotland.

For some transactions, you can submit the deed yourself however it is the responsibility of the submitting party to ensure that the property transaction and deed meet the appropriate legal requirements.

For registration all deeds must do the following:

Usually mortgage lenders, banks, building societies and other organisations with an interest in the property will insist they approve any amendments to your title and they may require that a solicitor be involved in the transaction.

Fees & Forms

Any deed relating to property must be submitted for registration in the appropriate register. If you are not sure of which register the title to the property is held in you can request a search using our Registers of Scotland - Property Search form. Information about our search fees can be found at Registers of Scotland - Information Fees.

Deeds for registration must be accompanied by the appropriate registration forms.

Guidance literature on preparing an application for registration and copies of the relevant application forms for registering a deed in the Land and Sasine Registers can be found at and

Read the guidance notes carefully as they will help you fill in the forms correctly. If the information you give in the forms or the deed is incorrect, incomplete or false, then your application may be rejected and you may be liable to a rejection fee of £30 prior to acceptance in the Land Register or cancellation fee of up to £400 at a later stage in the registration process. We may check information you have provided us with information already held in our records.

All applications for registration require to be accompanied by the appropriate fee as determined in the Fees in the Registers of Scotland Amendment Order 2010 Registers of Scotland - Registration Fees.

A fee calculator can be found at Registers of Scotland - Fee Order.

Fraud Prevention

To guard against fraud, where deeds are not submitted by a solicitor, we will require evidence of identity. You can download an ID form and find guidance on completing it at Registers of Scotland - Customer Service Centres.