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CONTENTS Preface i Table of Cases ii Table of Statutes iii Table of Statutory Instruments iv Glossary v CHAPTER 1 History and development of land registration Para The need for registration 1.2 The Registration Act 1617 1.3 The move to a system of registration of title 1.4 Changes in land law 1.5 Appeals 1.6 Commencement provisions & operational areas 1.7 CHAPTER 2 Implications of land registration Changes in conveyancing procedures 2.2 Registrable transactions: first registration 2.3 Transactions inducing registration 2.4 Valuable consideration 2.5 Deeds unrecorded at operational date 2.6 Subjects straddling boundary of operational area 2.7 Voluntary registration 2.8 Voluntary registration within an operational area 2.9 Voluntary registration outwith an operational area 2.10 Registrable transactions :Dealings in registered interests 2.11 What is registrable 2.12 Noting on the Land Register 2.13 Noting overriding interests 2.13 Noting additional information 2.14 Continuing effectiveness of recording in Register of Sasines 2.15 Ranking 2.16 Registration & recording in respect of one deed 2.17 Straddling plot 2.17 Discontiguous areas 2.17 Transactions relating to registered & unregistered interests2.18