About this site

Our new website is intended to improve the way we present content to users.

We wanted to make it easier for you to:

  • understand how to submit information to us
  • find the information you’re looking for

We released it first on beta in May 2018, so that we were able to gather feedback and view the results of live user testing.

You can review our progress on the InsideRoS blog.

What’s different?

Many features on this new site are the result of direct feedback from users, including:

  • Improved readability and page layout: we’re using larger font sizes, cleaner layouts and clear introductions for content pages
  • Simplified navigation: we’re defining clearer categories and topics for content
  • Improved site search: we're making a raft of improvements to the main site search including indexing our Knowledge Base and blog sites
  • Mobile and tablet friendly: this website is designed to be accessible and usable across mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Built-in feedback: You can have your say across the entire site. We’ll use your feedback to continually make improvements

Tell us what you think

We'd like to find out what you think about the site. Send us your feedback.

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