Project overview

Project overview

Digital is changing everything, from how we work to how we consume services. Technology is advancing every day, and the way we live our lives is overwhelmingly influenced by the internet. Digital is also significantly better for the environment, saving tonnes of paper every year.

That's why Registers of Scotland is undergoing a digital transformation, moving us from a paper-based organisation to one that always does everything digitally as the first option.

Recent legislation has already enabled us to increase the proportion of digital applications we receive, rising overnight from five per cent to over 20 per cent.

Boosting this figure will be a large focus of our work over the coming years as we do everything we can to protect our environment and make registering property faster, easier, and more secure than ever before.

Keep up to date with our progress

Our digital transformation project spans our entire organisation, so there are many exciting enhancements happening in every corner of Registers of Scotland, both big and small covering all aspects of land and property registration.

We will be posting details of these developments as and when they happen, so keep an eye on our blog, where you can comment and share your feedback on the work we're doing.