Your digital experience

Your digital experience

Registers of Scotland is aiming to better understand our customers' needs to enhance and improve our services and products through iterative design and feedback. The aim of this is to improve the design of our services and products through customer collaboration. For our customers this is a valuable opportunity to shape the future of RoS services based on real needs and requirements.

Get involved

RoS are inviting customers to contribute to continuous improvement by actively taking part in user research to shape our future products and services.

The sign up page to our user experience panel went live on our website on 10 September 2015. It was added to our eServices noticeboard and was promoted through popular social media including Linkedin and Twitter. Customers can sign up online to engage with our development team.

The user research team has started to engage with customers who have expressed interest by visiting firms to discuss our ideas, listen to their feedback and demonstrate new prototypes of functionality which we've built, are planning to build, or are considering, to help us prioritise improvements to existing services.

We now have a purpose built User Experience Lab in our Edinburgh offices and this will be used to conduct in-house user research sessions as well as visiting customers across Scotland.

How does it work?

During testing sessions the RoS team will use a number of techniques to engage with you individually and get feedback. This could take the form of a demonstration of new functionality we are planning on developing or obtaining actually asking you to use prototype services to determine how easy these are to use.

To get the most out of our fortnightly client site visits we aim to have six participants from each firm and will spend a period of three hours meeting with representatives from across your business who use our services. Each participant will be engaged for approximately 30 minutes. Where there is increased interest within a firm for more people to participate in user research, we can set up multiple sessions.

We won't only be carrying out research in person though. We'll be inviting you to take part in remote, unmoderated user research sessions where we can find out how you use our products in your own work environment.


When we come to visit you, it helps if we can access WiFi whilst we are onsite. As no more than 3 people will attend from our side and we will be engaging individuals for around 30 mins each, the meeting room need hold no more than 4 people.

No preparation is needed by you and your colleagues before our visit. All we require is your honest and constructive feedback on our services.

The story so far

Get in touch

If you would like to participate in RoS user research, please sign up using our online form.

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