Voluntary registration costs

Working out the cost of voluntary registration is likely to be a key consideration.

The cost of moving your titles to the land register depends on the size of the property you’re registering, the complexity of your title deeds, and how much assistance you need from professionals.

There are likely to be three separate costs involved: mapping and title investigation costs, legal costs, and RoS registration fees.

Mapping and title investigation costs

We’ll need you to provide us with a plan showing precise details of your property boundaries or a deed with a suitable plan or written description so that we can define exactly what you own on the land register map.

If you have a property plan, you can request a plans report to determine whether it meets the criteria for registration.

If you don’t already have a plan that meets our criteria, you’ll need to get one drawn up. You can use our plan assistance service to interpret your title deeds if necessary, and to produce a suitable plan. The costs of this service depends on the complexity of the case.

There is no obligation to use our services for mapping and title investigation. Similar services are also available from other providers.

Legal costs

Most applicants for voluntary registration use a solicitor to help them prepare their application. You can search for a solicitor on the Law Society of Scotland’s website.

We have no influence over the fees charged by solicitors.

Registration fees

We charge a fee to add your land or property to the land register, based on its value. To help encourage land owners to register their land, voluntary registration fees attract a discount of 25% against standard registration fees until at least mid-2019.

With the discount, fees currently range from £45 for property valued up to £50,000, to a maximum fee of £5,625 for properties valued over £5 million.

You need to enter the value of your property on the application form so that we can determine the correct fee. It’s up to you to provide the best possible estimate of value, but we don’t expect you to obtain a valuation specifically for this purpose.

A commonsense interpretation of ‘value’ would be ‘what you would get if you sold it’ – in other words, ‘the market value’. However, you can take an alternative approach to determining value if it’s appropriate.

Most applications are submitted through a legal professional who will advise on value. The person signing the application has a duty of care to ensure that the details are correct to the best of their knowledge.

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