Budget 2014 - SDLT legal memo

As a result of the Chancellor's Budget on 19 March 2014, the following measures will affect SDLT and land registration:

Residential properties purchased by non-natural persons - The Government has extended the 15% SDLT rate applied to residential properties purchased by certain non-natural persons to those properties purchased for over ¬£500,000 with effect from 20 March 2014.  Please note that the Keeper will not accept such an application for registration via ARTL, rather said application must be submitted on paper.  

Charities relief - the Government will legislate to make it clear that partial relief from SDLT is available where a charity purchases property jointly with a non-charity.  The charity will be able to claim relief from SDLT on the proportion of the purchase attributable to it.  The changes will take effect from the date on which the Finance Bill receives Royal Assent, at which time a reminder will be issued

For further information, all documents relating to this year's Budget can be found at: