What we do

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is the non-ministerial government department responsible for compiling and maintaining 20 public registers. These relate to land, property, and other legal documents.

Our main registers are:

  • Land Register of Scotland
  • General Register of Sasines

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Essential work

Our registers ensure that every property in Scotland is protected for its owners, which in turn enables confident land and property transactions. Such a stable land registration system is recognised by the World Bank as underpinning the Scottish economy.

Trading fund status

As a trading fund, we are entirely self-funded. Our income is dependent on the economic climate and the buoyancy of the property market, as most of our revenue comes from people buying and selling property.

Having trading fund status allows us to take a commercial approach to what we do, and gives us the flexibility to manage our income and expenditure.

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Our history

Our origins can be traced back to the 13thcentury, when the first land inventory was housed in Edinburgh Castle.

Today we hold the oldest public land register in the world – the General Register of Sasines – which dates back to 1617.

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