Copyright licences

Under the open government licence v3.0 , you're free to reproduce most of the Crown copyright material we publish, providing:

  • you use it accurately
  • you don't use it to mislead people
  • you acknowledge its copyright status

In some cases, you'll need a licence from us to reproduce material. We issue three types of licence.

Forms licence

This permits you to include our registration application forms in software packages you sell. The forms licence normally lasts for five years and is provided free of charge. To request a forms licence, send your request in writing to one of our customer service centres.

When you make your request, tell us:

  • your name and address including postcode
  • your telephone number
  • which forms you want to include
  • why you want the forms

Tailored licence

To reproduce material covered by a special copyright notice, you'll need a tailored licence from us. We may charge for the time it takes to prepare your tailored licence. We'll base any charge on the normal hourly rate for a senior manager, which is currently £52.13.

To apply for a tailored licence, write to us at one of our customer service centres. Tell us:

  • your name and address
  • your telephone number
  • which information you want covered by the licence
  • why you want the licence

Licensing procedure

We send you the licence to sign before a witness.
You return the signed licence to the keeper.
We sign the licence
We send a copy of the licence to you.


We comply with the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.


If you have a complaint about our licensing arrangements, send us a completed complaints form.