Winter weather Q&A

Where can I get information about weather and travel conditions in my area?

You will be able to find out more information by checking out Traffic ScotlandMet Office, BBC Weather and Traveline Scotland.

What should I do if I am having difficulty getting to work?

You should make every effort to get to work. If you are having difficulties travelling to your normal workplace due to severe weather conditions, you should contact your line manager. If your line manager is not available when you phone please speak with another manager if one is available. If you have not been able to speak to a manager then leave a message with your name and contact telephone number requesting that a manager to phones you back.

Some staff may be authorised to work from another RoS building if this is easier to get to, or from home.

What should I do if my child's school is closed?

You should make every effort to make alternative arrangements for the care of any dependant, as is the case in any emergency situation. If you are unable to make arrangements in the short-term you should discuss the situation with your line manager. You will be expected to share childcare responsibilities with others to minimise your time off work.

Will I receive a flexi credit if I can't come to work?

Guidance is available in the flexible working hours policy. Line managers have discretion to authorise flexi credits but where detail of the disruption is known in advance, you are expected to make alternative arrangements.

Can I take special leave if I need to take time off to look after a child/dependant?

You may be entitled to paid special leave to deal with a short term emergency and put in place suitable alternative care arrangements. You should discuss your individual circumstances with your line manager who will exercise reasonable discretion. However, you should also consider other forms of leave, including unpaid special leave, for more prolonged periods.

I am a line manager. What should I be telling my staff?

Staff should make every effort to report for duty at their normal workplace. If severe weather prevents this then staff are required to contact you or another named contact in your business area if you are not available to discuss individual circumstances. When discussing the ability of staff to travel to the normal work place as a line manager you must take account of the individual's views on personal safety when travelling.

Due to severe disruption either by car or public transport, my travel time into work has significantly increased and I am not able to work my full hours. Am I entitled to additional flexi?

If your line manager is satisfied that it is genuinely the case then you will be credited up to your standard working day.

Due to the adverse weather my office is either closed or being closed early, am I entitled to flexi credit?

You should not lose out on leave or flexi if your office is closed because of the weather. If it is not possible for you to work from home you will be entitled to flexi credit for your normal hours of work for the duration of the office closure.

How will I know if my office is open?

You should telephone the emergency helpline number provided on the back of your identity pass. That line will contain a recorded message informing you of the status of office buildings.

What is the advice for travelling on RoS business purposes?

You should only travel if absolutely necessary when severe weather is being experienced or forecast. It is essential you check your route in advance and, if necessary, again shortly before you are due to commence your journey - you can contact Traveline Scotland or Traffic Scotland for this information. At any time of year, but especially in the current conditions, colleagues should consider alternatives to travelling such as the use of telephone, email or video conferencing.