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How To Avoid Rejections

Hear from our Senior Advisor Matt Smith who will take audiences through how meet application conditions on the 1st attempt, and get insights into the most common reasons applications are rejected.

The  webinar will last approximately 30-45 minutes, there will be a chance for a Q&A session towards the end.

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An Introduction to Post-Registration Enquiries

On average, the team gets over 1100 enquiries a month about perceived inaccuracies in the land register.

This webinar will give examples of inaccuracies that can come up in the register. In this 30-45 minute session you’ll learn about:

-  Inaccuracy and Rectification  
-  Rectification requests
-  Manifest Error Procedure with examples

Even better, the webinar will be an interactive experience, so you can ask our experts questions directly and in real time. If you feel you’d benefit from attending, please register via the link below.

All places for the February and March dates are currently booked, we are working to confirm additional webinar dates.

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