ScotLIS webinars

We currently have two ScotLIS webinars available for business users:

A beginners guide to ScotLIS

During this 45-60 minute session, we’ll take you through the key features of the service including:

  • access to the land register and sasine register
  • interactive map functionality with added data layers
  • downloading and emailing title information and improved search functionality
  • usability benefits

Registration for this webinar is available for the following dates:

ScotLIS Sasines

The ScotLIS Sasine webinar gives an overview of the features available on ScotLIS when searching the sasine register.

We also offer an additional webinar which is aimed at non-business users and introduces them to the basics of searching the land register.

ScotLIS Public Webinar: Access the Land Register

Duration: 20 minutes with question and answer session

Aimed at public users of ScotLIS, this webinar gives an overview of the key features to enable you to get the most out of the service. During this session you will discover the free features of ScotLIS available to the general public, including, access to the land register, searching for property prices, buying property documents and more. Time will be available at the end for general questions.

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