Fairer Scotland statement

Fairer Scotland assessment not required for Corporate Business Plan 2019-2024.

The purpose of the Corporate Business Plan 2019-2024 is to highlight what areas RoS will focus on during this period and to clarify the reasoning behind these priorities.

It sets out our strategic objectives; to complete Scotland's land register by 2024; to develop and deliver digital improvements; to lead and innovate the provision of land and property data; to invest in our people.

While the plan clearly constitutes a strategic decision under the Fairer Scotland duty, we consider that some of the decisions taken as part of the plan extend strategic directions previously established prior to 1 April 2018.

It is, however, noted that the scope and scale of the strategic decisions taken in the plan are, at times, wide and ambitious, particularly in regard to the consolidation and creation of new and future services.

Given the time span of the plan, it is considered appropriate that no generic assessment be undertaken but that specific assessments be considered in line with decisions taken in accordance with delivering the goals of the plan.

We will continue to give the reduction of inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage full consideration as we continue to support the Scottish Economy for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

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