Message from the keeper August 2015

Published: 31 August 2015

This month, I was delighted to welcome St Kilda onto the  land register. This is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site to be added to the register through keeper-induced registration (KIR), and includes Hirta's famous Village Street, a row of 19th century cottages that remained inhabited until 1930. As a remote area of land, the work we have done  on St Kilda has proven invaluable experience and will contribute to the work we are doing to prepare for our public consultation - to be launched at the end of September - on how KIR could be used as a tool to complete the land register.

August is always a busy month for the RoS board. We sign-off our annual report and accounts to enable them to be laid before parliament later in September. We review progress against our corporate plan at the half-way point of the financial year. And we initiate the strategic discussions that will  shape our next corporate plan, which will take us to 2019. This time, among other topics, we considered our key digital and commercial challenges and how we need to shape and develop RoS to take us through to 2024, by which time we will have a complete land register and fully digital services. If you  are interested in the work of the board, you will find the minutes of our meetings on our website.

Following the introduction of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) 2012 Act, we have worked hard to support stakeholders with guidance and helplines as they get to grips with the changes. Our most recent update is to the mapping guidance, which you can access via our website. We welcome your feedback, so please do get in touch if there are any areas you feel could be clarified.

Last month, I introduced our new 60 seconds video series. Charles Keegan, our head of land register completion, is the latest to be featured as he gives an overview of the project and what it involves.

To accompany the series, we have also launched an RoS blog which, over the coming months, will be filled with articles written by members of staff across the business. We hope this will give you a greater insight into our many, varied strands of work and the people who do so much to support the registers  we hold.