Message from the keeper June 2015

Published: 29 June 2015

It's now six months since the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 was implemented, and our figures show an overwhelmingly successful transition from the old into the new. So far this financial year, we have maintained excellent  service standards, with eight of the eleven targets that are measurable at this stage of the year achieving a 100 per cent success rate, with the other three targets all standing at over 97 per cent. Since the designated day, we have reduced 1979 Act casework arrears by 80 per cent, putting us well  on target to totally clear the arrear by 8 December 2015.

As well as achieving these high standards, we continue to respond to customer feedback by improving our new systems and guidance. Our latest update is the inclusion  of a number of enhancements to our increasingly popular reports portal, making the portal easier to use and navigate.

Our colleagues at Revenue Scotland have been making similar updates to their land and buildings transaction tax (LBTT) portal, introducing features that make the system even more user-friendly such as autosave functionality and pre-populated fields on the form.

A 25 per cent reduction on the voluntary registration fee is live from today, and is guaranteed to 2017. This was one of the recommendations of our consultation on the completion of the land register, and is one of the ways in which we hope to complete the land register by 2024, including registering  all public land by 2019. You can find out more about voluntary  registration and land  register completion on our website, or by emailing

Earlier this month we published our 10-year report. This is the third year running that we've published figures for the entire decade, and once again we've found it a fascinating way to analyse the trends in the Scottish land and property market. You can read the  full report on our website, or request a hard copy by emailing