Online services enhancements now live

Published: 17 December 2015

As part of our digital transformation and following customer feedback, enhancements have recently been made to our online services for advance notices and eforms.

Advance notices - save and share functionality

Save and share functionality is currently available on our eforms service via the 'save and exit' button. We have now introduced identical functionality for advance notices, and a function to download a PDF of the draft advance notice prior to submission.

We'll continue to research the usability of the solution to see where further improvements can also be made.

Eforms - download draft

A 'download draft' button has been added to each of the pages in the application form. This allows you to generate a correctly formatted application form in PDF format, containing all information keyed so far.

You can now edit and share the form as many times as needed before submission without the form actually being submitted.

Please note that draft versions of advance notices or eforms cannot be submitted for registration. Once users are content that the eform contains the required information, they must continue to use the 'finish and download PDF' button to apply for registration.

Your digital experience

Remember to keep up to date with our digital transformation and research in action at the 'your digital experience' section of our website.

On these pages, you'll have the opportunity to preview the proposed changes and have your say on the initiatives in development. We'll be updating the web pages regularly and welcome your feedback.

If you're interested in getting involved with our digital transformation, we'd be really interested in your views on improving our services.

Thank you for your support.

Registers of Scotland