Revenue Scotland update

Published: 30 September 2015

In the run-up to going live, Revenue Scotland held a series of roadshow events across Scotland to explain the new taxes and  their operations which gave attendees the chance to see the Revenue Scotland online system.

As part of Revenue Scotland's ongoing programme of stakeholder engagement and the organisation's commitment to providing a proactive and responsive service, Revenue Scotland will be conducting another series of roadshow events early next year. These will give attendees the chance to discuss their experiences  of the Revenue Scotland service in the first six months since the launch, offer feedback, address any recurring issues  and meet the Revenue Scotland team.

To keep up to date with roadshow dates and locations, and to hear more about the work of Revenue Scotland, you can sign up to the official mailing list by sending a mail to You can also read the latest news on the Revenue Scotland website, and follow them on Twitter  @revenuescotland.