Message from the keeper March 2016

Published: 31 March 2016

As part of the goal to complete the land register, on 1 April the General Register of Sasines will close to standard securities. This means that new securities must be added to the land register, triggering a first registration. The fee for the voluntary registration is being waived; applicants will  only have to pay the standard security fee of £60. You can find out more about the changes and how they may affect you and your customers on our website.

Our corporate plan for 2016-19 is now live on our website. One of the key points of interest is our service standards, which have been scaled down into six targets. From 1 April, we will register most applications within 20 days. We have halved the target  time for standard first registrations from 40 days down to 20 and, for the first time, introduced a quicker service standard for transfers of part that use our development plan approval service. These faster turnaround times are possible thanks to the streamlined processes introduced by the 2012 Act.

We've updated our guidance on common areas and shared plots. One key requirement of the 2012 Act is the need for a plan, whether it's owned exclusively or owned in common, to be shown on the cadastral map with a single cadastral unit and a corresponding title sheet. The updated guidance explains the  concept of shared plots and when transitional provisions will apply. You can view and download the full guidance on our website.