Digital discharge service launched

Published: 31 May 2017

The Digital Discharge Service improves upon the existing paper-based service by revolutionising the process for all, from start to finish.

The actions of all involved parties, including solicitors, lenders and RoS are now completed through a centralised online portal. DDS delivers a number of benefits; it’s hosted on our current online systems, meaning that existing customers should be familiar with its functionality, while users save £10 on DDS transactions compared with the paper-based version.

DDS has already been in active beta for several months, during which time we’ve been working alongside a number of solicitors and lenders. This has allowed us to introduce a number of improvements based on and alongside live activity. RoS would like to thank all beta participants for their time and feedback throughout the process – these contributions were central to delivering an optimised service for all users.

Feedback throughout the beta process has been overwhelmingly positive. Both solicitors and lenders have welcomed the improved efficiency and functionality that the service brings, and how much more quickly the entire discharge process can be progressed. Several solicitor firms have already signed up, including Your Conveyancer and Optima Legal, while a number of leading lending firms, including Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale Bank, are now working with DDS.

RoS are currently in the midst of a digital transformation, and DDS represents the first step in our digitalisation of the registration process. Later this year, we’ll be following on from the success of DDS with our next digital registration project – the Digital Security Service.

Sheenagh Adams, Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, said “The Digital Discharge Service epitomises our new digital direction. By delivering an efficient and digital service that has the needs of our customers at its core, DDS will prove an important asset to one of our most important business processes for many years to come.”

If your business would benefit from the added efficiency that DDS brings to the process of discharging standard securities , then simply visit our business accounts section of the website. Sign up for both solicitors and lenders is quick and easy.