New year to signal next steps in digital transformation

Published: 27 October 2017

New Year’s Day 2018 will herald a significant move forward in the journey towards fully digital registration services.

Draft regulations laid before parliament by Scottish Ministers yesterday mean that, by the year 2020, most property transactions will be processed digitally. Paper-based processes are to be phased out in a move that will provide Registers of Scotland’s customers – and the wider Scottish economy – with the best possible registration services.

The draft regulations are designed to facilitate new digital services – another important step in RoS’ digital transformation journey. Subject to Parliamentary approval, the new regulations will come into force on 1 January 2018.

Commenting on the progress that lies ahead, The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, Sheenagh Adams, said:

“These regulations give effect to the proposals set out in the consultation “Digital Transformation: Next Steps” which set out detailed proposals for changes to the Land Register Rules to facilitate the introduction of new digital registration services – including a fully digital transfer of title service.

“The reaction to our proposals was very positive. Our customers and stakeholders expressed strong support for the new digital services that we are developing, and our proposals to simplify and streamline the existing paper application form. By 2020 the vast majority of deeds will be submitted and processed digitally – providing our customers and the wider Scottish economy with the best possible registration services.”

RoS is committed to becoming a fully digital business by 2020. Our new Digital Discharge Service (DDS) has already proved very popular with solicitors and lenders and has greatly reduced the processing time for dealing with applications for discharges.

These new regulations are the next step in the roll out of a much wider range of digital services, including a fully digital approach to Advance Notices over part as well as whole and a new Digital Transfer of Title Service.


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  1. The consultation “Digital Transformation: Next Steps” ran from November 2016 to February 2017 and received significant support in both written responses, and at a series of consultation events, which were attended by more than 180 people
  2. The consultation paper and an analysis of the consultation responses are available to download at the link provided.
  3. An Equality Impact Assessment is available for download at the link provided.