Scotland’s Land Information Service enters private beta

Published: 01 September 2017

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is pleased to announce that ScotLIS, Scotland’s Land Information Service, entered private beta this week.

ScotLIS is an innovative map-based service that will facilitate easy access to a wide range of data relating to land and property in Scotland. A cornerstone of RoS’s digital transformation, ScotLIS will be a national asset not only for professionals, but also the general public, who for the first time will have access to map-based property information through a single portal. Working in conjunction with several stakeholder groups, including local councils and solicitors, RoS has been continuing to develop the service throughout the initial alpha stage.

Private beta is expected to last for about four weeks, and during this time RoS will work alongside increasing numbers of stakeholders to further develop ScotLIS and ensure the service continues to meet the expectations of our customers as we progress into public beta, and move towards launch in October 2017.