Unregistered land applications – rejection notification update

Published: 04 December 2017

From Monday 4 December we are changing the way we tell you about unregistered land (first registrations) rejection notifications.

This work is part of our ongoing programme to provide more modern digital services that meet our customers needs.

You do not need to do anything, these improvements will automatically take effect.

Digital applications:

  • The email letting you know a rejection has occurred will now contain the reason and explanation within the body (removing the hyperlink and need to access the web portal). The new format will also be mobile and tablet friendly. Preview new email example
  • The design of the paper ‘invoice’ you receive with returned deeds will change. As part of this, the new version will now contain the agent reference you have provided to RoS. Preview new receipt example
  • We will no longer be sending paper rejection letters with deeds. However, this new invoice design will indicate if a rejection has occurred, and refer you to the email you have already received. Preview new invoice example
  • Email notifications will now come from rejectionssupport@ros.gov.uk. Please ensure this is on your firm’s safe senders list.
  • In the rare event your application does not contain a notification email address, you will still receive a paper explanation with the returned deeds. Preview new letter example

We will continue to visit firms and involve our customers in future evaluation of these and other changes. If you would like to be involved directly or have any questions about the changes, please contact rejectionssupport@ros.gov.uk or your customer relationship manager.

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