Refreshed ScotLIS offering for members of the public

Published: 29 May 2019

As of today, we have refreshed our ScotLIS offering for members of the public.

We've changed the look and feel of the service so it’s easier for people to navigate and most importantly, we've introduced the ability to buy the property documents (which include the title plan and title sheet) for £3.60. Once purchased, the property documents will automatically be emailed to the customer in PDF making it quicker, cheaper and easier than before for the public to access our information.

As Scotland’s public land register, members of the public have always been able to access information from our registers – this has been vital in enabling smooth land and property transactions and contributing towards a stable Scottish economy. Our customers’ needs continue to evolve however, and the refreshed offering enables us to respond to these needs by making our information more accessible through online self-serve.

To learn more about our refreshed offering for the public, follow our social channels.

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