Service improvements: single sign on

Published: 15 July 2019

Those of you who use our online services may have noticed some visual changes in the past few days.

The changes are fairly minor, but they’re the kind of user journey improvements we’re dedicated to making to all of our products and services.

What’s changed?

This update delivers a number of new features.

No forced password change

Previously, you’d have to change every 90 days, but you can now keep the same password unless you choose to change it

Improved self-serve features

In the settings page, you can now amend your forename, surname, telephone number and email address yourself.

Usability improvements

We’ve improved error validation and mobile compatibility.

Visual changes

These changes give consistency across all our services.

What’s next?

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be delivering the most significant new change, with the introduction of a single sign on capability between our online services portal and ScotLIS.

This is based on user feedback, and means that if you’re signed into either of these services, you can open the other and you’ll be logged in automatically, with no need to resubmit login details.

Share your thoughts

We’re always looking to improve our services based on customer feedback.

If you have any comments on these changes or other services, please use the feedback feature found on the specific webpage, or contact our customer relationship team.