Board papers - March 2022

Published: 16 August 2022
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RoS board papers March 2022

Our board papers for March 2022.

The minutes for this meeting are now available.

If you would like any of these papers in an accessible format, contact us with your preferences.

RoS Board agenda

RoS board agenda - March 2022 (PDF, 179KB)

Agenda items to be taken in private

Transparency summary (PDF, 148KB)

December 2021 Board Minutes

RoS board minutes - December 2021 (PDF, 208KB)

Action log

A summary of the ongoing RoS Board actions (PDF, 175KB)

Digital update

The purpose of this paper is to deliver a high-level overview of RoS digital structure, strategies, and costs.

Digital showcase - (PDF, 349KB)

People and Change roadmap and critical path

This paper, and appendices, has been prepared to provide a high-level overview of planned people and change activity through 22/23 and in preparation for 2024.

People and change roadmap and critical path (PDF, 157KB)

People Strategy

CSPS and IIP action planning

This covering paper has been prepared to outline the engagement analysis that has taken place on the back of engagement activities that happened in 2021, including the annual Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) and the Investors in People (IiP) assessment. The paper also outlines the next steps RoS will take based on the results, which include action planning and future IiP assessments.

CSPS IIP action planning (PDF, 290KB)

Corporate Plan

Every year we publish a corporate plan for the coming five years. Our most recent plan runs from 2022 - 2027.  We review the plan at least every six months.

Corporate Plan 2022 - 2027

Review of KPI Data

Read the latest published KPI data

People dashboard

The purpose of this paper is to present the Board with relevant people data and analysis in order to provide regular insight as to the composition, engagement, talent management and productivity of RoS’ workforce.

People dashboard (PDF, 964KB)

Roadmap Reporting by Exception

The purpose of this paper is to provide the RoS Board with the latest position on RoS roadmaps.

Board paper - Roadmap Feb (PDF, 90KB)

Audit and Risk Committee minutes (9 November 2021)

ARC minutes (PDF, 223KB)

Risk update

The purpose of this paper is to provide RoS Board with an update on the Key Risk Register (KRR) following EMT and Audit & Risk Committee (ARC) reviews and continuous Key Risk Owner (KRO) reviews. The paper supports the board in fulfilling its role to provide strategic advice to the Keeper for its focus on setting a framework of prudent and effective controls that enables risk to be assessed and managed.

RoS KRR paper (PDF, 230KB)

Transparency review

This paper details the results of a review of the Board paper publication process including statistics on publication rates. Findings show that the majority of papers are published and recommendations for minor process improvements are given.

Transparency review paper (PDF, 148KB)

Governance Risk Discussion Tracker

The purpose of this paper is to provide the RoS Board with sight of risk discussions that have taken place at the Board and Audit and Risk Committee meetings for the financial year 2021-2022, ensuring all risks are discussed appropriately.

Corporate risk governance tracker (PDF, 139KB)

Financial Delegations 2022

This paper covers the statutory authority for the keeper making payments that are legally required in the exercise of her functions. It sets out how the financial authority is delegated throughout RoS and the relevant limits that apply.

Financial delegation paper (PDF, 136KB)

Board Skills audit results

The purpose of this paper is to update the RoS Board on the results of the Board Skills and Experience Matrix exercise and to seek Board views on whether we have the right mix of expertise and skills as a Board to support RoS on its journey to 2024 and beyond.

RoS Board skills matrix results (PDF, 279KB)

Annex A RoS board experience and skills matrix (PDF, 30KB)