Board papers - December 2022

Published: 31 January 2023
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RoS board papers December 2022.

The minutes for this meeting are now available.

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RoS Board Agenda

RoS board agenda December 2022

Agenda items to be taken in private

Agenda items to be taken in private - transparency detail - Dec 2022

September 2022 Board Minutes

September 2022 board minutes

Action Log

A summary of the ongoing RoS Board actions.

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes (09 August 2022)

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes August 2022 (PDF, 802KB)

Long Term Vision Discussion

To outline the Keepers vision for RoS beyond 2024, and initiate discussions with the Board on the proposed areas of focus and direction.

Customer Satisfaction Index Benchmark Results

To advise on our approach to obtaining customer satisfaction scores and customer effort score, the insights these provide and how this informs our business actions and priorities.

Board paper on CSI and CES Dec 2022

Civil Service People Survey Results

To update on the various data collection exercises we have carried out to gauge the wellbeing and engagement of colleagues as well as measure progress against our people and change initiatives.

Engagement and Wellbeing data collection overview

Strategic Workforce Planning Update

To update on the progress of the strategic workforce planning (SWP) project

SWP board presentation Dec 2022

SWP board paper Dec 2022

Risk Reporting by Exception and Annual Risk Management Policy Review

To provide an update on the KRR 2022-27 following relevant reviews.

Governance Risk Discussion Tracker

To provide sight of risk discussions that have taken place at the Board and Audit and Risk Committee meetings for the financial year 2021-2022, ensuring all risks are discussed appropriately.

EDI Update

To provide a progress update on the development of the RoS Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) agenda, following on from the previous update in June 2022.

NXD Diversity Summary

To share the results of the EMT and Non-Executive Director Diversity Survey, as completed between May and October 2022.

Board Effectiveness Review

To update the Board on the actions being taken to respond to the results of the Board effectiveness review survey, carried out in August 2022.