Board papers - June 2023

Published: 27 November 2023
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RoS board papers for June 2023.

The minutes for this meeting are now available.

If you would like any of these papers in an accessible format, contact us with your preferences.

RoS Board Agenda

RoS Board agenda

Agenda items to be taken in private

Agenda items to be taken in private

March 2023 Board Minutes

March 2023 board minutes

Action Log

A summary of the ongoing  RoS Board actions

Forecasting Accuracy

An overview of RoS’ financial planning and assurance of robust approach supported by accurate business throughput forecasting.

RoS Forecasting accuracy

CSAT Performance Reporting

A summary of the high-level results of our spring customer satisfaction survey, providing the metrics for measuring our performance across our customer facing services. This survey also provides our customer effort score and the opportunity to benchmark against both public and private sector bodies.

CSAT Performance Reporting

KRR Reporting by Exception

To provide an update on the Key Risk Register following relevant reviews.

KRR reporting by exception

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes (14 February 2023)

Audit and Risk Committee minutes February 2023

Audit & Risk Committee Minutes (31 March 2023)

Audit and Risk Committee minutes March 2023

Annual Report and Accounts

To provide the Board the opportunity to discuss feedback on the initial draft of the Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23.

Annual report and accounts

The Annual Reports and Accounts have since been approved, and can be viewed here.

Health & Safety Annual Report

To provide an overview of health and safety arrangements at Registers of Scotland and provide assurance on the adequacy of measures in place.

Health and safety annual report

Board Effectiveness Review Pulse Survey Proposal

In accordance with the RoS Board terms of reference, this paper proposes to conduct an annual assessment of performance as a board, with the intention of continuously improving effectiveness.

Board effectiveness review proposal

Governance Risk Discussion Tracker

To provide sight of risk discussions that have taken place at the Board and Audit and Risk Committee meetings, ensuring all risks are discussed appropriately.

Governance risk discussion tracker

EDI Mainstreaming Report

This paper relates to the 2023 Equality & Diversity Mainstreaming Report. It covers the development of the report and the new outcomes for 2023-25.

EDI mainstreaming report

Strategic Workforce Planning Update

This paper updates the RoS Board on the work of the Strategic Workforce planning project and in particular the recent work being done to align colleagues to the achievement of Strategic Objective one and the reduction of open casework.

Strategic Workforce Planning update

Annual Compensation Update & Fraud Reporting for 2022-23

To update RoS Board on the payment of compensation and recovery of losses by Registers of Scotland in the financial year 2022-23.

Annual compensation update and fraud reporting for 2022-23