Board papers - December 2023

Published: 26 March 2024
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RoS board papers for December 2023.

The minutes for this meeting are now available.

If you would like any of these papers in an accessible format, contact us with your preferences.

RoS board agenda

RoS Board Agenda

Agenda items to be taken in private

Transparency for publication

September 2023 board minutes

September 2023 board minutes

Action log

A summary of the ongoing RoS board actions

Audit & Risk Committee minutes (08 August 2023)

Audit & Risk Committee minutes August 2023

Supporting services reform

To outline the work being undertaken to better understand how Registers of Scotland’s enabling functions/corporate services are set up to serve operational and customer facing services. The outputs from this work will allow relevant areas to continue to ensure these aspects of the business are fit for purpose and are adaptable to reflect the evolving nature of our operational services and move towards the future vision for RoS.

Supporting services reform

Governance risk discussion tracker

To provide sight of risk discussions that have taken place at the Board and Audit and Risk Committee meetings, ensuring all risks are discussed appropriately.

Governance risk discussion tracker

Civil service people survey results

To outline the data collection activities carried out through the We Invest in Wellbeing staged review and the annual Civil Service People Survey (CSPS), including initial thoughts around some of the data already available, and outlining the next steps RoS will take once all the data has been received and analysed.

Civil service people survey results first look

Procurement annual report

As required under section 18 of the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 (“the Act”), a contracting authority must publish an Annual Procurement Report. The content of this report covers all regulated procurements completed during the period 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023 and details how those procurements supported the objectives included within the organisations Procurement Strategy.

Annual procurement report 2022-2023

Board dates 2024

To advise board members of the 2024 board meeting dates as diarised and confirm locations.

Board dates 2024