Environment policy

Published: 08 May 2017
Freedom of information class: About Registers of Scotland

Details of our environmental policy.

RoS is committed to reducing its impact on the natural environment. We do this through effective sustainable management of our operations and estate and by engaging with all our staff to embed the principles of sustainable development into our day to day working practices. RoS senior management acknowledges their responsibilities in delivering this policy, engaging all of our staff, and working collaboratively with our partners to support and contribute to our environmental objectives.

Our actions will be underpinned by the following principles;

  • We will operate our Environmental Management System (EMS), to minimise use of materials, energy and other natural resources, minimising the generation of waste whilst supporting a waste hierarchy of reduction, repair, reuse and recycling of products and materials where possible.
  • We will continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance inline with Scottish Government legislation, in particular the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, reporting annually to Scottish Ministers and the RoS Board on our compliance.
  • We will promote communication and participation in our commitment to responsible environmental management to our staff, suppliers, partners and customers.

This will be achieved using the following objectives:

  • contribute towards Scottish Governments’ environmental targets to decarbonise its economy;
  • make efficient use of space and promote space-less growth within our estate;
  • use energy and natural resources efficiently to minimise greenhouse gas emissions; * reduce the need to travel by encouraging the use of electronic communications including telephony and virtual meeting technologies;
  • promote and support sustainable travel options;
  • reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and recover resources wherever possible to minimise waste;
  • minimise waste using smarter procurement, procuring materials, products and services within a framework that encourages sustainability and promotes the circular economy, contributing to a Low Carbon Scotland;
  • protect and enhance biodiversity on our estate and contribute further afield;
  • operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) to record our progress and ensure we control pollution, make continuous improvements and comply with all applicable legislation and regulations;
  • continuously improve our processes, procedures and practices to increase our sustainability, embracing new ways of working and technological advances;
  • provide the necessary resources and training required for effective delivery of our environmental policy;
  • document our environmental activities in order to assist with our compliance responsibilities and openly report our progress against our targets to employees, stakeholders and the public using required reporting;
  • review this policy at every significant change and in line with RoS strategic objectives to ensure it is appropriate to the nature and scale of RoS operations.

Signed by the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland on behalf of the RoS board.

Sheenagh Adams, May 2017