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Published: 11 June 2020
Freedom of information class: How we manage our resources

Our People Strategy supports our vision and purpose.


The purpose of the People Strategy is to support our vision and purpose, articulated in our three people outcomes.

It directly aligns with the 2019-24 Corporate Plan, and focuses on providing our talented people with the support, development and working environment that most effectively enables delivery of our strategic objectives and priorities.

We’ll work closely with leaders, managers and colleagues across the organisation to deliver the People Strategy, providing consultancy, expertise and practical tools that meet business needs.

We’ll model our values and demonstrate the behaviours that actively promote a culture of empowerment, engagement and delivery.

We’ll cultivate an inspiring leadership and management approach that focuses on providing clarity of priority and purpose, fostering an inclusive environment where all colleagues are valued and can thrive.

Our activities will support high performing teams that work together to deliver our strategic objectives.

Colleagues will have a clear understanding of our priorities and will be confident that they can deliver success for our customers.

A set of principles will underpin all people related activities, and will shape how we work to support the delivery of our Corporate Plan.


The People Strategy supports the development of our people to enable the organisation to deliver our 2019-24 Corporate Plan.

Like our Corporate Plan, this strategy will be underpinned by a rolling 12 month delivery plan.

Within the scope of this strategy, a number of internal and external challenges may influence delivery:

  1. the need to make the most effective and efficient use of resources
  2. advances in technology changing how and where we can work
  3. changing workforce demographics with an aging population
  4. changing expectations of colleagues regarding flexible approaches to work, health and wellbeing
  5. increasing competition for talent in a digital economy
  6. drive to maximise colleague engagement and empowerment
  7. political uncertainty and legislative changes

Our people outcomes

We’re skilled, capable and innovative, delivering services of the highest standard to deliver public value for Scotland.

We’re a flexible organisation capable of responding to customer needs at pace and inspiring the development of new, creative ideas and solutions that add value for the people of Scotland.

We’re recognised as a learning organisation that continuously improves, confident in our knowledge and skill to respond to external drivers and better link our services to customer needs.

Our principles

Inspiring organisation:

  • resilient and sustainable
  • positive impact and experience for customers and citizens
  • forward thinking and transformative

Our principles:

  • skilled, capable and innovative
  • empowered and connected
  • healthy and energised

Flourishing workforce:

  • professional, flexible and customer focused
  • inclusive and growth focussed
  • diverse and adaptive
  • committed to wellbeing

Our people themes for 2019-24

We will drive a performance culture where colleagues, irrespective of role, recognise the value of their contribution and are accountable for their delivery.

Recognise and value engagement and achievement, and celebrate success.

Promote wellbeing to support a healthy and energise workforce.

Build a constructive employee relations climate with the trade union and colleagues.

Nurture effective managers who focus on creating the environment that enables colleagues to develop, deliver and thrive.

Empower and challenge colleagues to create a collaborative culture which drives performance and creativity.

Empower colleagues to continuously improve our working practices, and to ensure excellent service delivery for our customers and for Scotland.

Articulate and develop leadership and colleague behaviours that support our values and promote a diverse, inclusive and growth culture.

Actively engage with leaders to transform the business through organisational development and workforce planning.

Embracing development

We will work with teams across the organisation developing new ways of working that drive a high performance culture and address complacency.

Develop learning pathways to support long term development, progression and succession planning.

Create programmes that offer our already talented colleagues the opportunity to develop new knowledge, skills and experience in other areas of the business.

Nurture inspirational leadership and management capability, promoting a culture of collective delivery and individual accountability.

Enhance performance management to cultivate talent and drive excellent performance.

Provide a total reward strategy that recognises performance and rewards positive behaviours.

Attracting talent

We will build our reputation as an employer of choice and develop creative approaches to secure and retain the best talent.

Promote an inclusive and diverse workforce with a growth mindset for the benefit of all.

We create an inclusive working environment where colleagues feel valued and are supported to thrive.

Work in collaboration with senior leaders and managers to build and maintain a workforce plan aligned to business needs.

Develop induction approaches to assist the swift integration of new colleagues to our organisation and our values.

We will continue to be a Scottish civil service leader in our total reward offering, evaluating and adding to our benefits package to ensure it remains relevant to people in different stages of life.

Demonstrating success

People and change commitments will be led by the people and change function.

It is supported by our Senior Management Team (SMT) and colleagues from across RoS.

It is governed by the Executive Management Team (EMT), Strategic Workforce Planning Group (SWPG) and Service Alignment Team(SAT) to ensure we’re delivering the right things.

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