Phishing and scam emails

Phishing emails are a kind of online scam used to trick victims into entering personal information.

These emails pretend to come from trusted organisations. They often contain embedded links that take victims to a fake website designed to trick them into entering information such as usernames, passwords and bank details.

If you think you’ve received such an email from Registers of Scotland, let us know. Email

Spotting phishing emails

Phishing emails often contain:

  • bad spelling and grammar
  • non-specific greetings like ‘dear customer’ instead of your proper name
  • an email address that doesn’t match the organisation’s web address
  • a sense of urgency, such as a threat that your account may be closed

Check links in suspected phishing emails by hovering your mouse pointer over the link text. This will reveal the link’s true destination in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Beware if this is different from what’s displayed in the link text.

Phishing emails can often come from family or friends. These usually come in the form of emails containing strange links.

We will never email you to request personal information such as your username, password or bank details.

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