Information for home movers

How the temporary closure of the application record affects property transactions.

Advice from Scottish Government and the Law Society of Scotland says those who are due to move in the coming weeks should postpone if possible.

If you're moving house today

Speak to your solicitor to see if the process we agreed with the Law Society of Scotland will allow you to settle.

This should work for the most urgent cases.

If the process doesn’t work for you, your solicitor should contact our customer service team.

If you're moving house in the coming weeks

If you're due to move and can't reschedule, an interim process is in place using the protection of an advance notice.

This may allow a limited number of house purchases to go ahead.

This will be dependent on factors which your solicitor will be able to advise you on.

An advance notice is a document which we register when a transaction is pending. It secures a placeholder for the registration application to arrive.

Our service for digitally submitting advance notices is now live.

Your solicitor will be able to provide you with advice about your transaction.

Latest information for legal professionals.


The closure of the application record should not prevent you re-mortgaging.

Your solicitor will be able to provide further advice to your situation.

Why we closed our offices

We are still open for business.

Our offices have had to temporarily close to safeguard staff and the public’s wellbeing.

We can do much of our work remotely.

Some processes, such as the scanning and checking of paper documents on site, couldn't be done remotely.

We are working with key stakeholders and have recently launched a new digital service.

This will allow urgent property transactions to continue remotely during this public health crisis.

We have also launched a digital submissions solution for land register applications.

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