Digital submission for advance notices – public beta launch

Published: 06 May 2022 - 1:23pm

Following the introduction of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill 2020 we are delighted to confirm the public beta launch of our new solution for digitally submitting advance notices.

The new online service will launch on Monday 6 April 2020, and replaces our interim process.

If a case must settle on Monday 6 April (and we would remind solicitors of the Scottish Government guidance), you should submit via the advance notice interim process currently in place by 3pm today, where the team will make their best endeavours to process.

We will be accepting digital uploads of advance notices for First Registration (FR) and Transfers of Part (TP).

The process for Dealings of Whole (DW) applications is already digital and remains the same.

You will be able to complete and download your advance notice in the usual way, then upload and submit it to us via our beta service.

View a demo of the submission process below:

Only submit onto this new system on the day you need to so as not to impact functionality.

The timeline for the new system mirrors how advance notices were processed on paper and is as follows:

  1. Day 1 advance notice is uploaded and submitted
  2. Day 2 advance notice is processed
  3. Day 3 advance notice is available on ScotLIS

If you need an advance notice quicker than the 3 day timeline above you can call our customer service team (0800 169 9391) who will, as always, do their best to assist.

When using this new process, please consider your settlement date and allow 3–4 days to ensure there are no issues or delays.

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