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Published: 26 March 2020 - 7:00am

Information on how we are prioritising enquiries.

Following the Law Society of Scotland’s recommendation to their members that housing transactions should not settle while the application record is closed, an interim measure has been proposed by RoS which we believe addresses the concerns raised.

We have proposed this interim measure to the Law Society of Scotland and UK Finance. We understand the Law Society of Scotland are considering sharing their view on this interim measure with their members, and we understand that UK Finance are discussing this interim measure with their members to obtain their view.

The customer service team have been fielding large numbers of calls in relation to this message. Some of these calls relate to clients who could wait to settle, but would rather not. Dealing with, and responding to, these calls means that we have not yet been able to get back to everyone who has a genuine emergency if they cannot settle. This is not a state of affairs the Keeper can allow to continue.

We appreciate that this is inconvenient for everyone involved, but in the current climate, of a national health emergency, we must ensure that RoS resources are focussed on those people who will face serious personal or financial hardship if they cannot settle on the day required, and for whom the interim measure (if it can be put in place) does not represent a solution.

Therefore you should only contact RoS if your clients will face extreme personal or financial hardship and have no other option but to settle today. If this is the case, please call 0800 169 9391 and select customer services from the options. Please state to the customer advisor who takes your call that you need to settle today. They will take your details and seek to understand the circumstances of your client, so that we can arrange for a suitable RoS Senior Advisor to speak to you as soon as possible to discuss your specific circumstances and find a solution for you.

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