Introduction of digital submissions service

Published: 27 April 2020 - 9:00am

From 27 April, we will open our new digital submission service to land register applications.

Residential property transactions should, where possible, be postponed and rescheduled - Scottish government's latest advice

For transactions that can't be delayed, we have been working on a range of digital submission solutions to support the Scottish property market.

We are pleased to report that we have successfully completed user research on our new digital process for the submission of applications.

Read our digital submissions service guidance

The introduction of the digital submission service does not mean the application record is open.

This will only happen when the Keeper is confident it is the right time to do so in consultation with the Law Society of Scotland.

Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, automatically extended advance notices in the system.

Advance notices will remain in place until the later of:

  • 10 days after the Keeper declares the application record fully open
  • 35 days starting on the day after the notice was entered into the application record or recorded in the Sasine register

We have been working to create a new service that will allow some applications to be digitally submitted that previously would have been sent by post.

Once received, we will process them as normal.

It may take longer than usual to receive your acknowledgement of receipt and process your application.

We designed this service to progress transactions that cannot be postponed.

Managing the flow of applications

To manage the flow of applications we receive we will limit the applications to a date related to the corresponding advance notice.

You can find the latest date range on our online service.

We will open for applications up to 19 February. Only applications that correspond to advance notices received up to and including that date will be accepted.

The next opening will include all advance notices up to and including 20 February and so on.

Once we have opened the service, advising of the first date, we will process those applications.

Once they’re processed, we will advise that we have opened the service up to and including the next date.

Do not submit applications out-with the specified date range.

If you're unsure of the start date of your advance notice, you can purchase this information for £3+ VAT from our ScotLIS service.

You can search the Land Register on ScotLIS using the address, postcode or advance notice number for notices registered in relation to a title number.

You can also search by name or address in the Presentment Book for notices related to the Sasine Register.

If you can't find the date using our ScotLIS service then you can call our Customer Service team who will be able to assist.

Unsuitable applications

If an application can’t be submitted or it is decided not to submit an application, the advance notice will stay in place until the application record is fully open.

If the digital submission for application service is not immediately available to you as we proceed in date order, or not suitable for a specific application, you can continue to use our interim measures.

For customers’ clients who will face serious personal or financial hardship if they cannot settle on the day required, and for whom the digital application process does not represent a solution,  please call 0800 169 9391. You should select customer services from the options.

Customer Service colleagues will take your details and seek to understand the circumstances of your client.

We will arrange for a suitable senior advisor to speak to you as soon as possible to discuss your specific circumstances.

The timing of the updates to open the service to additional dates will be dependent on the number and complexity of the applications we receive.

This process will ensure we deliver the most consistent service for our customers, within the constraints of the current conditions.

This process has been agreed following consultation with the Law Society of Scotland.

Regular updates will be made on the progress and the planned roll out of the service.

Commercial and other applications

The digital submission for application service will be able to deal with the majority of application types. This will include most commercial transactions.

We will also be able to accept a digital application for commercial transactions that absolutely cannot wait. However the process will vary slightly.

If the digital submission for application service is not immediately available to you as we proceed in date order, or not suitable for your specific application, you can continue to use our interim measures.

Senior Advisors will continue to help with more complex or urgent cases. You can contact Customer Services to discuss further.

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