Methodology and quality of data

From the data extracted as part of the snapshot taken at 31 December of each year, each unique title is allocated to one location category only based on the supplied address of the proprietor at the time of registration with RoS.

There are five possible location categories that a title could be allocated to based on the town/county/country field of the supplied address:

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • outwith UK.

Where a title is shared by more than one owner/tenant, those with a non-UK element are allocated to the outwith UK category.

Where there is no outwith UK element, the title is allocated to Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland in that order according to the countries represented in the owners’/tenants’ addresses, e.g. if Scotland is not represented, but both England and Wales are then it will be allocated to England.

Any title within the outwith UK category that includes more than one proprietor with an outwith UK address has been classified to the first outwith UK address listed on the title, e.g. if there were two proprietors, the first from France and the other from Italy, the title would be classified to France.

New registrations and certain changes to existing registrations over the previous 12 months are reviewed and incorporated to present the latest snapshot. If, as part of this review, a title cannot be classified to a geographic location then it is placed in the pot of titles where the proprietor address is unable to be classified. This pot will also include those titles that cannot be classified to a geographic location when the data is initially extracted from the Land Register for the snapshot as at 31 December of each year.

For the snapshot extracted at 31 December 2022, any title which could not be classified to a geographic location has been manually searched and a geographic location (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and outwith UK) has been attached, although an address cannot be identified in all cases.

The outwith UK titles were then further classified by type of proprietor, interest, local authority, land classification, urban rural classification and area (further information provided below). The maps shown in figure 10 were made with Natural Earth (free vector and raster map data).


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