Classification of UK titles outwith Scotland by region or LA

The title polygons are retrieved by title number.

Area analysis is conducted on titles with Registered status (Draft, Cancelled, Closed or Amalgamated titles are therefore excluded from the analysis).

Previously registered titles with a pending application are treated as registered. This means that the spatial/area analysis reflects the interests which still existed on the snapshot date. Interests which were present at the start of the reporting year, but ceased to exist in the course of the year, are not included in the area calculations from this point onwards.

The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) assigned to each of the addresses were grouped by E&W Regions to identify the most common region in which the owners of titles in each Local Authority came from.

Using the UPRNs once more, it was possible to derive the number of titles involved in transactions in each local authority from an England and Wales owner address.

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