Owner address in Scotland ownership type

Any title that has an owner address in Scotland has been given an ownership type classification.

This has been achieved in two ways:

  • Since the introduction of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 in December 2012, all applicants and granters in Land Register applications have been allocated to a category of “Person”, “Commercial” or “Other”. Person relates to natural persons, Commercial to commercial companies and other to non-commercial bodies, government bodies and trusts.
  • For titles registered prior to December 2014, RoS has applied a methodology to achieve the allocation of owners to the “Person”, “Commercial” or “Other” categories. The party designation recorded at the time of registration is searched for a range of unambiguous key words and phrases. These include registration numbers which can be matched to entity types registered with Companies House and other bodies, references to the various laws under which entities can be incorporated, indicators of persons acting in special capacity, general keywords and a list of previously classified person forenames, surnames and company names. Overall, the current accuracy rate of the automatic classifications compared to the existing Land Register applications classifications is 98.5%.

For the purposes of this report, any mix of ownership types in relation to owners or applicants has also been allocated to other.

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