UK Titles outwith Scotland

While it has been possible to allocate all addresses at the country level, some are incomplete and so cannot be easily allocated to a specific local authority or included within the region analysis.

In addition, we do not currently hold address data for Northern Ireland in our mapping systems and so Northern Ireland addresses cannot be allocated at the region level. Out of 94,678 titles, 94,628 titles were included in this analysis.

Titles with an English or Welsh (E&W) owner address are identified from textual Land Register information.

Address details of these owners based in England and Wales are matched to OS AddressBase Core, and geocoded information assigned. Pattern matching and textual language tools are then used to update and edit any non-matching addresses to obtain the missing spatial information. When matching on full address is still not possible, matches are made on postcode, street, locality and then town level. Any non-matching addresses at this stage are discarded.

The title seed point for the associated title is then spatially intersected with other spatial datasets to obtain further attributes (e.g. which local authority the title is located in, what the sg_2015_16 2fold urban/rural classification is).

The region is also assigned in this way however this was only possible for those which were registered to England or Wales. Addresses registered as Northern Ireland were not assigned a region in the same manner. Following a QA process, these addresses, when possible, were confirmed as being in Northern Ireland and subsequently allocated this region.

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