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This release presents statistics on the location of owner addresses in Scotland as at 31 December 2021

This is based on the supplied address of the owner at the time of registration with Registers of Scotland (RoS). A title is the statutory record of ownership or tenancy of a plot of land.

To be included in these statistics:

1. The land and property title needs to be registered in the Land Register

On 31 December 2021, there were 1.86 million registered titles in the Land Register, an estimated address coverage of 83% for properties that regularly transact, excluding properties that rarely sell or may never sell.

All titles that have been transferred for a consideration since 1 April 2003 should be in the Land Register. Most of the remainder of titles are held in the Sasines Register. You can read more about the Sasines Register.

The benefits of a complete Land Register are being delivered through a combination of ensuring properties that regularly transact are on the Land Register, and the information on the remaining titles in the Sasines Register is easily accessed from Unlocking Sasines. We'll explore if we can include the Unlocking Sasines information in future updates.

2. The registered legal owner has provided an address at the time of registration that is able to be classified to a geographic location

For the purposes of this report reference to owner also relates to tenants under a long term commercial lease unless otherwise specified.

For more information you can read about the definitions used in this report.

The main reasons for not having an identifiable owner address are when:

  • ownership or tenancy is by a Scottish or UK public body and no designation address is required
  • the supplied address is not complete or accurate enough to allow identification of a geographic location

You can find the total volumes of titles where the registered owner is a Scotland or UK-wide public body in table 1 from the list of tables. This table also includes volumes for Crown bodies and titles where the owner's address is given as a British Forces Post Office number.

Individual Scottish NHS trusts and Scottish local authorities are included in the Scotland figures.

Statistics in scope

The bar chart shows the statistics that are in scope, compared with approximate total number of titles in Scotland.

A bar chat that shows the statistics in scope compared with approximate total number of titles in Scotland including number of addresses in Scotland and registered titles in the Land register as at 31 December 2021


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