Arrears test example

The arrears section proposal.


We continue to work hard to clear our backlog of cases.

The work programme to clear this arrear has been developed with the customer at the heart of its solutions but it is taking longer than originally estimated.

Our most recent six month review of the corporate plan addresses how we plan to meet these targets.

The figures below show monthly progress on how we’re completing cases in the backlog.

Objective one KPIs - July to September 2020
Backlog September 2020 October 2020
Total arrears 71,798 74,024
Oldest case 4 January 2017 4 January 2017

Stock review

  In service standardOut of service standardTotal
2017   9,087 9,087
2018   23,046 23,046
2019   31,069 31,069
2020 37,700 10,896 48,596
Total 37,700 74,098 111,798

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