Deliver the benefits of a completed land register

Objective 1 KPI from April to June 2023 is made up of 3 parts.


Identify ownership of Scotland's land mass
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Identify ownership of Scotland's land mass 91.1%91.9%Ahead of target 
Despatch majority of applications within 35 days
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Dealing of the Whole 85.9% 92.3% Ahead of target
First Registration 75.9% 70.5% Behind target
Transfer of Part without unregistered prior applications 67.0% 44.7% Behind target
Clear between 4,800 and 7,200 pre-2023 cases in each quarter
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Clear pre-2023 cases between 4,800 and 7,20011,417 *Ahead of target  

Why we are working towards this

This will deliver:

  • a reduction in stock levels and deliver casework within improved timeframes
  • quick and efficient land and property transactions that support a thriving Scottish economy
  • data and insight so anyone can answer the question ‘who owns Scotland?’

* We originally under-reported this figure as 7,782, amending  to 11,417

Objective 4 KPI from April to July 2022


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