Deliver the benefits of a completed land register

Objective 1 KPI from April to June 2022 is made up of 4 parts.


Register all addresses as part of a functionally complete land register
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Addresses that transact regularly on the land register 87.1% 87.0% On target
Identify ownership of Scotland's land mass
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Identify ownership of Scotland's land mass 78.7%80.1% Ahead of target 
Despatch majority of applications within 35 days
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Dealing with Whole 85.0% 91.0% Ahead of target
First registration 65.3% 66.8% Ahead of target
Transfer of Part without unregistered prior applications 65.0% 80.6% Ahead of target
Clear between 2,000 and 5,500 pre-2022 cases in each quarter
Performance indicatorTargetTotalProgress
Clear pre-2022 cases between 2,000 and 5,500 5,390 On target  
Reporting on the KPI to reduce the average age of the stock of cases will be available at the next update.

Why we are working towards this

This will deliver:

  • reliable turnaround times so customers know when they will get their registration back
  • quick and efficient land and property transactions that support a thriving Scottish economy
  • data and insight so anyone can answer the question ‘who owns Scotland?’
Objective 4 KPI from April to July 2022


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