Land register coverage

Land Register coverage

Our annual Land Register coverage report shows how much of Scotland is covered by the Land Register.

The report presents data by registration county through maps and statistics.

We have produced the Land Register coverage report - previously known as the land mass coverage report - since 2005. Today, it's the primary source of information on Land Register coverage in Scotland.

The most recent Land Register coverage report found that:

  • Land mass coverage increased from 25.82 per cent to 26.58 per cent in the period from January 2014 to December 2014.
  • A total of 609km2 was added to the Land Register in the reporting period. This is approximately the combined sizes of the cities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Title coverage at the end of December 2014 now stands at 58.37 per cent, up from 57.18 per cent at the same point the previous year.


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