ARTL stands for automated registration of title to land.

As part of our business transformation and our commitment to providing secure and resilient services, we are undertaking an upgrade of our digital certificate provision within ARTL.

ARTL saves you time and money. It's simple to use and easy to set up.

If you have questions around ARTL while we carry out this upgrade, contact us.

Local registration authorities

When you choose ARTL, you'll need to appoint at least one local registration authority (LRA). The LRA must be a solicitor, but will also be responsible for:

  • setting up PKI (public key infrastructure) users within the firm
  • obtaining electronic certificates
  • updating the ARTL database
  • creating smartcard PINs
  • recording proof of identity
  • enrolling the digital certificate
  • activating and issuing cards

Practice administrators

This can be a non-solicitor. The practice administrator's (PA) responsibilities include:

  • maintaining user lists
  • allocating non-signing roles
  • switching work between queues in the absence of users
  • resetting passwords

If your firm has more than one office, we advise appointing a PA at each location. We also advise appointing a PA to cover for absence.

Work queues

ARTL allocates work to one of three work queues:

  • private work queue, issued to every ARTL user in the firm - available only to the user and the PA
  • shared work queue -  available to nominated employees
  • practice work queues - available to all your ARTL users

Queues set up around your existing teams can help the flow of work through your business. Shared or practice queues help multiple users to progress work.

Compatible deeds

ARTL can handle applications for registration of dealings with whole (also known as dispositions over a registered plot) in the Land Register.

An estimated 80% of the total dealings submitted for registration each year are capable of being processed through ARTL. Most of these are straightforward dealings that affect only the B (proprietorship) and C (charges) sections of title sheets.

For further details, see the ARTL compatibility guidelines document.


ARTL records the actions and keystrokes of every user and makes them retrievable.

Any user who permits another person to use their login details is responsible for all actions taken under their login.

ARTL users are authorised to sign deeds, approve transactions and/or submit applications for registration to the keeper. Each user will need a digital certificate from your LRA.

Using a smartcard similar to a credit card, users create their own PIN.

The PIN must be:

  • between eight and 16 characters long
  • contain at least one upper case character
  • contain at least one number

The LRA will add the certified user's details to the ARTL certificates database.

Case studies

Find out how ARTL supports conveyancing and land registration at:


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