Frequently asked questions


How soon are transactions recorded?

Usually within a few weeks of the date of entry.

Where can I learn about land registry in the rest of the UK and Ireland?

Land Values

Can you explain your field names?

Yes. See our field names document.

Some door numbers appear in date format. Why?

When Microsoft Excel opens CSV (comma-separated values) files, it treats text like 1/11 as a date, so may display it as 01-Nov. Follow these steps:

  1. When saving CSV data, select 'save target file as…'
  2. Once saved, right click on the CSV file name.
  3. Select 'open with…', then 'notepad'.
  4. Resave the file, adding the extension '.npd' to its name.
  5. Close the file.
  6. In the MS Excel 'open' command, select 'all files' from the 'files of type' drop-down list.
  7. Open your new '.npd' file.
  8. In the 'text import wizard' dialog box, select 'delimited' and press 'next'.
  9. Select 'comma' as the delimiter.
  10. Select the 'sub-building' column and change the 'column date format' to 'text'. Repeat for the 'building name' and 'property number' columns.
  11. Click 'finish'.


Are your statistics based on samples?

No. We capture every house sale in Scotland, so our data is the most comprehensive and accurate available.

Can I access any figures without purchasing a subscription?

Yes. You'll find lots of statistical information in our quarterly statistics, monthly statistics, and news pages.

Can I get data by local authority boundaries?

Yes, our reports reflect local authority and Land Register boundaries.

How do you calculate your averages?

We base our averages on transactions valued between £20,000 and £1,000,000. We don't adjust the information to reflect factors such as seasons, house type or second transactions.

Want to know more?

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