Land values

Our land values report provides base data for all property transactions in Scotland.

Updated monthly, the report comprises two CSV (comma-separated values) spreadsheets. These cover:

  • address of subject
  • price
  • date registered
  • land classification

Easy to use

The data, which also includes geo-coding, is separated into two file names:

The above samples give an example of what you can expect to receive. Please note that from December 2015 the OSAPR field is no longer updated.

Unique identifiers in the spreadsheets let you import information from land values into your own database and create links between tables.

Land values lets you purchase data for the whole of Scotland or select specific registration counties. You can subscribe on an ongoing basis and purchase historical data from May 2000.


Land values licence template (.docx)

Data services terms and conditions (.pdf)

Guidance notes

To find out how we prepare our data, see our statistics compilation guidance notes.

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