Approved developments

Find developments that have been approved using our DPA service.

We publish developments approved by the development plan approval service here.

Approved development plans confirm that developments are to be built on land that the developer owns. They address any extent issues, which can speed along individual applications for registration.

Approved developments

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Approved developments list

  1. FFE114457

    Development at Station Grove, Thornton

    7 February 2018
    Quale Homes Ltd
  2. LAN230792

    Development at Newton Farm G2, Cambuslang

    6 February 2018
    Miller Homes
  3. MID156685

    Donaldson's College, Edinburgh (internal)

    6 February 2018
    City & Country Edinburgh Limited
  4. MID115233 and MID120922

    Waterfront Avenue, Edinburgh

    2 February 2018
    Places for People
  5. MID172198 - S1 Developments - 5-11 Ellersly Road, Edinburgh.pdf

    Development of flats at 5-11 Ellersly Road, Edinburgh

    2 February 2018
    S1 Developments