Land Register

Our Land Register forms are now available through our online services portal as eforms.

These eforms are intelligent and responsive, so you only have to fill in the parts that are relevant to your application. This makes them faster and easier than filling in a paper equivalent.


You can complete eforms for applications for:

  • registration
  • advance notices
  • notification of inaccuracy in the Land Register

Online services

Visit our online services portal to access our eforms.

Get access

Contact our customer service centre to for help accessing the online services portal, or register online.

PDF forms

Copies of the forms are available in PDF format for customers who cannot access our eforms portal. These PDF forms are longer because they contain all questions in order to accommodate all registration types.

Forms for advance notices are only available via our eforms portal.


You can find full guidance on the application process and forms for registration on our Knowledge Base.


Review our checklist before submitting a form to the Land Register.

Identification protection

If you're a non-legally qualified person, you'll need to complete our identification form when you apply to register land or property on our registers.

This helps us protect against fraud.