Frequently asked questions

How do I access Registers Direct?

Apply online for access to Registers Direct.

Applications are subject to a credit check. For more information, phone our online services team.

What software do I need?

Adobe Reader version 8.1 or above and Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above.

As the application uses JavaScript, we recommended enabling this in your browser.

If you have any problems viewing data, see our troubleshooting guide.

Which browsers does Registers Direct support?

We offer support for the use of the Registers Direct in the these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer - IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Firefox - current, v30, v31, v32
  • Chrome - current, v35, v36, v37
  • Safari - current, v4, v5, v5.1, v6.1, v7

What training can I get?

You'll find training resources on the Registers Direct support page. When using the system, tool tips will also provide assistance, and context-specific help is available whenever you see the Help[?] symbol.

How do I access the Register of Community Interests in Land (RCIL)?

Go to the Register of Community Interests in Land page. Or, on the Registers Direct welcome page, right click on the RCIL link and select 'open in new window'. There is no fee to search RCIL.

How do I access the Register of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)?

Go to the Register of Sites of Special Scientific Interest page. Or, on the Registers Direct welcome page, right click on the SSSI link and select 'open in new window'. There is no fee to search SSSI.

How do I search for names in the pre-1993 Sasine Index?

Try variations on surnames, eg Thomson and Thompson, or change to an address search. If you get a nil result, contact us for confirmation.

How do I search for a name starting with a non-alpha numeric character?

Enter the name without the non-alpha numeric character.

How do I search in the Register of Inhibitions?

Use phonetic variations. If you enter 'White and Whyte' in the second name field, for example, the system will search for 'White' or 'Whyte'. It treats Mc and Mac as equivalents.

The first name field searches by initial(s) only. 'Robert Mclaren Buchanan' will return 'Robert/ Ronald/ Rhona', etc and 'Michael/ Moira', etc. We're refining this to search the first two initials.

When searching for a married woman, enter her maiden and married names separately.

The system won't find diminutives beginning with different letters. 'Anthony' will not match 'Tony', etc.

How many counties can I search at once?

Standard permissions include up to three counties. To conduct a wider search, email us a request for amended permissions and cc your company's lead user.

To find out how to complete a multiple county search, see the Registers Direct support page.

How do I ensure all entries will appear when printing search results?

In the Registers Direct window, click on 'file', then 'page set up'. Set left, right, top and bottom margins to 10mm.

Why was my session terminated?

Registers Direct logs you out after 90 minutes of inactivity. You can log back in immediately. If you can't log back in, call our online services team.. Tell us what part of the system you're trying to access, how long you'd been connected for and any other applications you had running at the time.

How do I view the creditors list?

Click on the 'creditor list' button on an application record detail. If you are logged in to Registers Direct, click here to view the creditors list.

Why is the title plan date beyond the title sheet date?

This may reflect the availability of new Ordnance Survey detail. It may also arise when a subsequent application to amend the extent of a property is in process. The title plan displayed on Registers Direct may be amended beyond the title sheet displayed. For example, parent titles (typically builder's titles) display the removal of transfers of part (or deed over part of a registered plot) on the title plan before the schedule of removals is added to the title sheet.

Why do some Sasine minutes have no fiche and frame reference?

Since 2006, we've created Sasine records as scanned images. When ordering a copy of a deed recorded after 1 May 2006, supply the county, year and yearly number in the request form. For deeds recorded before 1 May 2006, continue to provide the book and folio or fiche and frame numbers.

What are next application notes?

Next application notes (NANs) existed under the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979. They allowed information to be flagged up on the application record against a particular title number.  

A NAN may have been created for a number of reasons. For example, a NAN could suggest notification of court proceedings which may result in rectification of the Land Register, or notification that burdens have been removed from the title sheet in line with feudal abolition.  

Under the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012, NANs are no longer created. Due to the large volume of NANs in existence, you should be aware of the potential for a NAN still to appear against a title, and ensure that you carry out the appropriate search of the application record (by title number) to the date of an application.  A search can be carried out on Registers Direct via the title number to disclose any existing NANs before submitting an application.

The keeper is considering options for the removal of NANs from the application record at an appropriate time.  

If you have any problems about either the interpretation or relevance of a NAN, please contact our online services team.

What fees apply when searching Registers Direct?

See our fees page for Registers Direct search fees.

How are fees paid?

By direct debit, cheque or BACs. You'll receive itemised invoices from us every 14 days. Terms are 14 days.

How do common search types appear on invoices?

When a user searches the land register title sheet by name or address, the initial search appears on invoices with that user's reference. The first title viewed is not charged so doesn't appear on invoices. Subsequent titles viewed appear on invoices with the initial user's reference.

When a user searches the Sasine Register by name or address, the initial search does not appear on invoices because it's not chargeable. Search sheets viewed from this search appear on invoices with the initial user's reference entered.

For multiple county searches, the initial search number appears on invoices. This search number is repeated for subsequent titles viewed from these searches.

I want to see/don't want to see the charging rolling total.

To have this function added or deleted from your profile, contact our online services team.

Want to know more?

Contact our online services team.

Download a print friendly copy of the Registers Direct FAQs.

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